Asian-inspired restaurant in the heart of Tallinn


Mo–Fr 12:00–15:00

Mushroom cream soup
mushrooms mushrooms, cream, milk, onions. murulauk, sesame
Rice noodles with chicken and vegetables in sweet and sour sauce
rice noodles, chicken, carrots, red onions, paprika, sweet and sour sauce
Philadelphia maki with shrimp
philadelphia, tempura shrimp, cucumber, tobiko, chili mayonnaise, sesame seeds

Poke Bar

Poke Bowl with tuna
Poke Bowl with king prawns
Poke Bowl with salmon
Vegetarian Poke Bowl
Vegetarian Poke Bowl



Thoreau Still & Sparkling Water
Orange Fresh
1,50 lemonades
tropical, berry, lemon&lime, rhabarber

Our Menu

We aim to provide delicious, affordable and beneficial diet menu for inhabitants of the metropolitan area, who are extremely conscious of getting food of the highest ingredient quality. Our Pan-Asian cuisine menu takes you to a gastronomic journey through tastes of the East and the understanding of the West.

Drinks Menu

Enjoy the rich beverages that tempt the senses. Enjoy fine aged whiskies, velvety wines and exquisitely crafted handcrafted cocktails. Alternatively, enjoy the sophistication of non-alcoholic cocktails - bright and complex flavours that enhance every sip. Discover a symphony of rich and delicious drinks to enhance any occasion.

Ühendame endas linnaliku stiili ja tervisliku menüü

Meie eesmärk on pakkuda maitsvat ja taskukohast menüüd teile, kes te hindate toidu kvaliteeti. Meie Pan-Aasia menüü viib teid gastronoomilisele rännakule läbi Aasia maitsete ja lääneliku lähenemise.

Bar Manifesto

Today, the bar is changing from a traditional entertainment venue to a place where healthy and exciting drinks are also served. Introducing our new bar concept, where you’ll find a mix of timeless classics with a modern twist, complemented by minimalist and clean flavours, suitable for both lunch and dinner. You are welcome to enjoy healthy drinks in our bar. Alcohol is no longer at the heart of the bar, but your well-being, balance and pleasure are!

Private Rooms offers TWO private rooms for up to 10 diners – BRIGHT TATAMI and LIGHT TATAMI. There you can enjoy, for example, Korean BBQ, known as Gogi-gui (고기 구이), which refers to the Korean cuisine method of grilling thin slices of meat or seafood on gas or charcoal grills built into dining tables. The space is perfect for exclusive lunches, dinners, celebrations, meetings and other private events.