We invite you to our Chef’s table «Omakase”. A few formal dining experiences are as revered or as intimidating as omakase, a form of Japanese dining where guests leave themselves in the hands of the chef and enjoy the seasonal, elegant, artistic meal made of the finest ingredients available. You will be part of the kitchen while having an exceptional dining experience.

Private Dining

Om.house offers 2 separate private dining rooms. “The Bright Tatami” and “The Light Tatami” rooms serve up to 10 people each, offering a private dining experience serving Asian dishes like Korean BBQ, known locally as Gogi-gui (고기구이), that refers to the Korean cuisine method of grilling thin slices of meat such as beef, chicken or shrimp on gas or charcoal grills built-in the dining table itself.

The rooms are ideal for exclusive private dining, anniversaries, meetings and other private events.

Bar Manifesto

The bar is becoming not just a place for entertainment delivery, but also where one should be getting the products with health and general well-being approach. We present our Bar concept as the blend of time-tested classics with modern twists, assisted with minimalistic, understandable and clear tastes of the new additions suitable both for. 

Alcohol isn’t the core of the Bar anymore, but your wellness, balance, and joy are!

Our Menu

We aim to provide delicious, affordable and beneficial diet menu for inhabitants of the metropolitan area, who are extremely conscious of getting food of the highest ingredient quality. Our Pan-Asian cuisine menu takes you to a gastronomic journey through tastes of the East and the understanding of the West.


During the summertime, Om.house is welcoming you to a large, spacious Terrace, which provides comfort with individually heated tables for up to a hundred guests.